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Last updated: 2:49 p.m. on April 1, 2020

Dr. Ioana Popescu Contributing Author of New Publication

Dr. Ioana Popescu is one of the 54 authors of a new publication titled European Atlas of Forest Tree Species, an international team of scientists that worked individually and in small teams to compile a summary of the main species of trees encountered in Europe. Ioana is the primary author of such summaries for five of the more than 80 featured species of trees (Cornus sanguinea red dogwood, Euonymus europaeus Spindle, Prunus cerasifera Cherry Plum, Prunus mahaleb Mahaleb Cherry, and Prunus spinosa Blackthorn. Each of these species presentations being treated as an individual peer-reviewed article. 
The European Atlas of Forest Tree Species includes a dynamic database of information on our trees, their use, their threats, and eventually the changes that climate may bring about in our forests. This 1st edition of the European Atlas of Forest Tree Species will shortly be followed by the publication of an online version which will incorporate updated information of forest resources and their distribution. 

Trees are an essential resource for human life. As well as being an important economic resource, they are also a reservoir for biodiversity; they protect our soils, purify our water, clean the air we breathe and populate the forests we use for recreation. We hope that this Atlas will help increase awareness about trees and all the benefits they provide to society.