Information for Graduating Seniors

  1. During the semester in which you intend to graduate, you will need to complete the Intent to Graduate Form and pay graduation fees. Closely monitor deadlines provided by the Records & Registration Office.

  2. Because grades for graduating seniors are due the Monday of final exam week, graduating seniors must take their exams during the last week of classes. Early in the semester in which you intend to graduate, inform all instructors that you are a graduating senior and will need to complete your exams prior to final exam week.

  3. Graduating seniors must complete an exit exam in their major discipline. Typically, students take these nationally-normed, standardized tests while enrolled in Senior Seminar. If students do not take these exams while enrolled in Senior Seminar, they will be contacted to schedule a time to complete the test.

  4. Once you have reliable post-graduation information, please let Dr. Valerie Eastman know your plans by emailing her at We would like to keep track of where you are going and what you will be doing.

  5. If you take the Graduate Record Examination or another standardized test, please send your score to Dr. Valerie Eastman at We need to maintain records of the range of scores and the average department score each year for assessment purposes. We appreciate your assistance in providing us with this information so that we can adequately evaluate our programs.

  6. Drury’s Alumni Office will provide you with forms where you can provide future contact information. Please stay connected to the Drury community and our department by completing those forms and providing contact information updates as needed.