Behavioral Science Internships

An internship is an opportunity for students to explore career opportunities in their major field of study. All students majoring in the behavioral sciences are required to complete an internship consisting of 135 hours of work at a chosen site. One of the primary purposes of the internship is to expand students’ understanding of classroom theory by applying their training in some practical way. It also helps students clarify their educational and career objectives by exposing them to possible careers in their chosen field of study. A classroom component allows students to discuss various work-related issues with one another and also exposes them to additional career possibilities.

Students may satisfy the internship requirement by working in a variety of settings. Popular choices include:

  • various social service agencies
  • law offices
  • educational settings
  • hospitals
  • law enforcement agencies

For example, a student majoring in psychology may work one-on-one with a child who has autism. A criminology student may work in a juvenile justice center with teen offenders. Those studying sociology may work in a homeless shelter. These examples reflect the variety of possible internship opportunities open to students.

To enroll in an internship, a student must be a junior or senior and have a GPA of at least 2.5 on a 4.0 scale. The Drury Career Center maintains a list of potential internship sites. However, the choices are not limited to this selection. In fact, many students choose to complete their internships over the summer in their hometowns or even overseas. The types of work students can experience through an internship are many and varied.

Each internship is worth three hours of academic credit. Up to six hours may be earned by a student, should the student want to have an additional internship opportunity. An internship is supervised by a faculty sponsor in the behavioral sciences department and also by a supervisor at the actual internship site.

For more information about internships, contact the Drury Career Center.