Careers in Sociology

Students who major in sociology are well prepared for jobs across a broad spectrum of agencies and organizations. In fact, coursework that examines a range of social factors and fosters expertise in research methodologies and statistical analyses provides sociologists with an advantage over non-behavioral science, liberal arts majors when applying for various forms of employment. While a portion of sociology graduates seek jobs in family-related social service fields, other seek jobs as:

  • community organizers
  • demographers
  • hospital administrators
  • housing human resource managers
  • personnel coordinators

Additional information about jobs in sociology can be found at the American Sociological Association’s career page.

For those interested in obtaining employment within the state of Missouri, you may find the Missouri Jobs website helpful.

Agency/organizations sometimes offer valuable information about employment as well. If you know (or think you know) where you would like to work, explore these unique agency websites.