Careers in Psychology

The Department of Labor continues to list psychology as a growth field in terms of employment opportunities. Although some forms of employment in psychology require a graduate degree, those who obtain undergraduate degrees readily find employment in a diverse range of settings. Psychologists are employed in corporations, law enforcement agencies, court-related agencies, hospitals, mental health clinics, research laboratories, schools and many other types of organizations.  

To learn more about employment opportunities, you may find the Careers in Psychology website helpful. Each sites explores job opportunities related to sub-fields within psychology:

  • behavioral neuroscience
  • biopsychology
  • clinical psychology
  • cognitive psychology
  • developmental psychology
  • experimental psychology
  • industrial/organizational psychology
  • social psychology

Visit the Missouri Employment page for jobs within the state of Missouri.

Those who are interested in obtaining employment within specific agencies should locate websites for those organizations. In some instances, you may acquire information that will guide your selection of coursework and thereby help you gain a more competitive edge once you have completed your undergraduate or graduate degree.