Large Format Printing Policy

The Hammons School of Architecture houses two large format printers used traditionally within architecture and planning firms for generating display boards, presentations, and maps. Associated printing costs are one of the several items covered by the architecture program fee.

The use of the printers is permitted for both faculty/staff and students associated with the university outside of the architecture program for university-related projects. The HSA reserves the right to determine what kind of usages are permitted on the machines as well as how to schedule hours as deemed necessary or appropriate, up to but not limited by; program usage spike (usually at mid-terms and finals), staff availability, safety restrictions, and material considerations. 

Several procedures will need to be followed in order to request prints from the HSA staff. All files must by flattened PDF files (single layer) in order for our machines to process the images and colors correctly. Users should know in advance the desired size and apply any crop marks before submitting their file, as well as the paper type that they expect to print on. As with most printing, we advise users that images will likely print darker than they appear on computer screens. 


Printing costs are based on linear foot (the length of the paper ejected from the machine), paper type, and job request. While misprints that are the error of the machine itself (such as leaky printer heads or paper jams) will be handled by the HSA, misprints resulting from typos, incorrect color selection/design, or improperly flattened files leading to lost data will be the responsibility of the file owner and incur a charge for additional linear feet of printing.

$3/linear foot—Line Drawings (Construction or map drawings without solid blocks of ink/color. Bond only)

$7/linear foot—Images/Posters on Bond/Semi-gloss (as available)

For students: Payment by cash is accepted. Please bring exact change.

For faculty/staff: Cash is also accepted, but we can also charge to departmental account numbers.

HSA staff is available for consultation, but design work itself is not provided through the school. The purpose of the machines is first and foremost the education of the students enrolled in the architecture program at the HSA.

Any questions or clarifications on usage or the application of this policy should be directed to the HSA Design Fabrication Coordinator at