Drury HSA Fabrication Shop Usage Policy

The Hammons School of Architecture houses several fabrication machines, both traditional and digitally operated. These machines are available to HSA students and faculty at no charge for projects related to curriculum, personal development and exploration, and building operations. Associated costs are one of the several items covered by the Architectural Program fee. Material costs and acquisitions are the responsibility of individual users.

Interdepartmental usage for university‐related projects is also possible. Use of certain equipment will incur charges at hourly rates listed below. These costs cover machine maintenance, supervision, software and hardware availability, and updates to machinery as needed. For those experienced with the machinery and trained in its usage, there is a reduced rate due to the reduced time commitment of HSA staff. Users requiring design assistance, approval, and guidance will incur a larger cost. The HSA reserves the right to determine what kind of usages are permitted on the machine as well as how to schedule hours as deemed necessary or appropriate, up to but not limited by: program usage spikes (usually at mid‐terms and finals), staff availability, safety restrictions, and material considerations.

First‐time users will be expected to demonstrate their knowledge of operation and safety procedures prior to use, and to sign a waiver recognizing their responsibility for the safety of themselves and of other shop users. Safety and operation workshops/tutorials may be required.

CNC Router 

$20/hour–Interdepartmental w/o assistance

$50/hour–Interdepartmental with assistance

Laser Cutter

$10/hour–Interdepartmental w/o assistance

$20/hour–Interdepartmental with assistance

HSA staff is available for consultation but design work itself is not provided through the school. The purpose of the machines is first and foremost the education of the students enrolled in the architecture program at the HSA. Material/Project storage is generally not available, and the HSA is not responsible for theft, damage, or valuables left in the fabrication shop.

Any questions or clarifications on usage or the application of this policy should be directed to the HSA Design Fabrication Coordinator at