A Home for MJ - Eden Village Tiny House

Architects Newspaper Best of Design Winner

The architecture studio focused on one project, the design and construction of a 400 sq. ft. Micro (Tiny) house for a new 31 unit community for the chronically disabled homeless in Springfield, Missouri, Eden Village.

Our resident: “MJ”, a 22-year-old young man, who happens to be deaf and had been living on the streets for five years. Students conducted client interviews with MJ and were expected to take an ethical approach to creating a dignified, permanent housing model for the community and specifically for MJ.

The semester was divided into three distinct phases: Eight weeks for client interviews with directors of the community and MJ, research, conceptual and design development; Three weeks for construction documents; Five weeks for construction.

Students completed thorough research, coupled with client interviews to guide them to a thoughtful, innovative, well-conceived concept that informed and guided the design process. The design began with hand-drawn sketches and transitioned to digital tools such as Sketchup, PhotoShop, Revit and Lumion.

This project was sponsored by Jordan Valley Community Health Center.