Study Abroad

International study is a hallmark of the Drury Architecture program and tradition. The HSA is one of few professional programs nationally in which all graduating students participate in an architecturally based study abroad experience. These experiences not only expose students to buildings and sites of great significance and beauty, they also give access to other cultures and traditions in ways that contribute to richer professional and personal lives for our graduates. Considering architectural, urban, and landscape issues in a broad cultural context is increasingly essential, as architectural practice becomes more global in scale. 

Most HSA students participate in semester-long experiences at Drury’s campus in Aegina, Greece. The Drury Center in Greece architecture curriculum is fully integrated with the HSA recommended courses of study, so students can stay on track while also enjoying a semester of engagement with the beautiful island setting of Aegina. Other students complete alternative or shorter-term experiences in places like Paris, Amsterdam, Venice, Copenhagen, and Barcelona. 

HSA study-abroad requirements and the Study Abroad Declaration Form can be found in the current edition of the HSA student handbook.