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Drury Women's Auxiliary

DWA meetings and events are cancelled until May 8, 2020. For more information and regular updates from Drury, please go to

Drury Women's Auxiliary promotes friendship, fellowship and supporting the interests of Drury University with particular emphasis on funding scholarships to Drury women students.

The historical records of Drury University reveal that the Drury Women’s Auxiliary began in 1906 under the fourth President, J. Edward Kirbye.

The Auxiliary acted as an advocate for the interest of women on campus. As the contributions have changed over the years, the core value of “…. Helping women students”  has remained constant.

The first president of the Drury Women Auxiliary was Alice Thrasher, who was also the first woman to become a Trustee of Drury College.

  • A majority of DWA members reside in Springfield and the surrounding area.
  • DWA has diverse membership in age, interests and professions.
  • DWA provides valuable opportunities for mentoring and networking.
  • DWA has dispensed more than $200,000 in scholarships for Drury women students. 

How do I join DWA?

Drury Women's Auxiliary is open to any woman who wishes to support our DWA mission and Drury University.  Many Drury Alumnae, Drury mothers and Drury friends are members of DWA; you do not have to be a Drury Alumnae to be involved.  New members will be accepted after attending a meeting, filling out an application form and paying their annual dues. If you would like an application, please apply online.

DWA Membership Application

Annual DWA Dues:

Drury Women’s Auxiliary Membership Fees are $65.00 annually, including:

  • $20 to DWA dues
  • $20 to care kits (finals week fundraiser support to benefit Drury students)
  • $25 donation to the DWA Endowed Scholarship (you will receive a donation acknowledgement letter)

Pay DWA Dues Now

Meetings & Gatherings:

There are six DWA events per year - four business meetings each year, plus two gatherings:

  • September (DWA fall kick-off - not business meeting)
  • October
  • December (Holiday Luncheon)
  • February (Galentine's Gathering - not business meeting)
  • March or April (cancelled in 2020)
  • May 

Pay for Lunch Meetings

Finals Week Care Packages

In fact, Drury Women’s Auxiliary, was created in 1906 to support students through scholarships and advocate for Drury students.  As our contributions have changed over the years, the core value of helping students has remained constant.

Which is why, in Spring 2020, we will not be creating and distributing care kits to students.  We know you’ve come to depend on DWA to provide this special, surprise moment each finals week; but we know it’s best, right now, to help you have one less thing to think about in these uncertain times.

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