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Alaska Alumni Club

Welcome to the Drury Alaska Alumni Club, a part of the Drury Alumni Association. Our goal is to bring together alumni that live and/or work in Alaska through opportunities to make valuable connections like social gatherings, game watches, community service and professional networking events. We strive to foster a spirit of fellowship, participate in a culture of growth, and promote interaction as well as advance the mission of Drury University and the Alumni Association.

We hope you will consider participating in our alumni events or volunteering your time to further connect alumni and classmates to our alma mater in Alaska and the surrounding communities.

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Damon Hargraves M.Ed. ‘05
Alumni Chapter Connection
Abbie Bliss
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Hargraves currently resides in Kodiak, Alaska with his wife, two boys and girl, and works in the Kodiak Island Borough School District as the Director of Technology. He was previously the administrator of Kodiak’s distance learning program and middle school assistant principal.  

Damon has worked to develop blended learning environments and project-based learning environments (i.e. Student Broadcasting) for kids since 2005 when he started his education career in the Bering Strait School District.  He then went on to work at Drury University and Missouri State University to develop online curriculum and facilitate professional development of learning tools.  

Since being in Kodiak, Damon has helped to develop the Pickr app, which has greatly increased scheduling efficiency of needed interventions for students. This has empowered students to pursue the enrichments that interest them and allow them to go deeper into content.  Further development of the Pickr app is being done in partnership with Carnegie Mellon University. Damon is also a founding member of #akedchat, so join the conversation on Twitter, and follow him at @damonhargraves.