Judy Thompson

Senior Vice President for University Advancement

Judy started her career at Drury in 1957 when she entered Drury as a freshman. After her 1961 graduation, she taught French at Parkview High School. She was ready to sign a contract to go back to Parkview in 1974, after having retired to be a stay at home mom, but Drury intervened with an offer to become Alumni Director and she took it! Over time, she was also given Development and handled both for a few years until she was able to add a part time alumni staff member. In 1979, she was made the first woman Vice President and continued in that role until her first retirement in 2002. While serving as Vice President for Alumni Relations and Development she led the fund raising for Shewmaker Communication Center, Hammons School of Architecture, Freeman Panhellenic Building, Olin Library, Hutchens Hyper, new Fraternity housing and Trustee Science Center. During this time, more than forty percent of alumni gave back to the university and the endowment grew to over $100,000,000.

Judy returned to campus full time in 2016 as Interim Vice President after helping under each President through her retirement years, working on special projects such as the O’Reilly Family Event Center. Drury’s eighteenth President, Dr. Tim Cloyd, asked Judy to continue as Vice President for Stewardship and Principal Gifts, which she has loved and plans to help as long as she is needed.   In 2020, Judy assumed the role of Executive Vice President of Development and Campaign Director.