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Alumni Spotlight: Miles Aduddell '16

A Place to Call Home

Drury was the perfect place for Miles Aduddell to call home. Graduating from high school, Miles knew he wanted to play golf. Drury gave him the opportunity to pursue athletics. “It was one of the few schools that you could be an athlete and be involved in other social activities.” Aside from being a valuable member of the men’s golf team, Miles was also involved in on-campus organizations. He was a member of the Kappa Alpha Order and president of the College Republicans.

Reflecting on his time at Drury, Miles believes that the biggest lesson Drury taught him was how to manage his time. Between his academics, sports and extracurricular activities, Miles learned valuable time management skills. Although he was busy, some of his favorite memories are traveling across the country with the men’s golf team.

Hard Work Pays Off

Miles graduated in 2016, and he prides himself on graduating early with two degrees. “My biggest accomplishments are graduating a year early with two degrees and getting a job for a company I wanted to work for and enjoy working for.” Miles is a fuel marketer for Ozark Mountain Energy in Mt. Vernon, Missouri. He sells gasoline and diesel to oil companies, gas stations, and trucking companies across Arkansas, Kansas, Missouri and Oklahoma. “We’ve seen a lot of success. In the past year and a half, we’ve grown exponentially.” This growth was generated from the hard work and dedication of all involved in the business.

Building Relationships

Drury gave Miles the opportunity to network and build genuine relationships with his professors and peers. “The people you meet at Drury are special. You learn how to get along with a diverse group of people.” Miles enjoyed learning in the environment that Drury’s small campus creates. He was able to closely interact with professors who helped him grow and succeed.

Miles has some advice for current students: “Be involved as much as you can. My philosophy is to stay as busy as you can, meet as many people as you can, and never burn any bridges.” He suggests that students utilize their connections. “All the relationships you build in college should lead to your post-graduation life.” He has stayed true to his philosophy by maintaining his friendships from college and attending Breech alumni events.