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Alumni Spotlight: Micah Azzano '05

An education at Drury prepares students for successful careers and fosters a lifelong love of learning. Micah Azzano graduated from Drury in 2005 with a degree in Advertising and Public Relations. She also completed two minors, one in Global Studies and the other in Design Arts. Now, she is a government contractor in the Washington D.C. area.

Career of a Contractor

In her career as a government contractor, Micah has worked for organizations that support the Department of Education, Department of Labor and numerous nonprofits.

Micah's job focuses on public affairs. She creates press releases, white papers and facilitates community outreach. Depending on the contract, Micah may also create web content or use social media to share information with the public. 

Micah's achievements include helping to create ACFPC Webcast Series Present, which was a live webcast series for the Adult Career Pathways Community. This nationwide webcast focused on adult education and career planning. Micah was essential to the creation of the webcast; she outlined the conversation and recruited featured experts to participate in the series. A few years ago, Micah also received a national award for Outstanding Achievement in Web Development.

When she's not working on a contract, Micah pursues her other passions. Micah's passions, or "side projects," as she coins them, include promoting women's health and women's issues. "One of the easiest things to do is stop learning when you leave school," says Micah. She believes that identifying your passions motivates you to "keep learning, evolving and developing as a person."

Exploration in Liberal Arts Education

Drury's individualized liberal arts education was the perfect match for Micah. She was encouraged to explore her interests, even if they were not a part of her field of study. One of Micah's favorite classes was Shakespeare and Ethics, which was not related to her advertising major. Classes at Drury exposed her to new ideas and helped her develop critical thinking skills. Drury allowed Micah to continue her interests in the arts and global studies while she studied public relations. 

"What Drury does really well," says Micah, "is offer a high level of academics that you would expect of a much larger university combined with an individualized approach with where you want to go, what you really want to do and what is important to you." 

On campus, Micah was a member of Delta Delta Delta, a photo editor at The Mirror and a part of the Free Arts Association.

Unexpected Connections

Graduating a semester early, Micah moved to Washington D.C. to intern for NPR. While out with some friends, Micah was approached for a job. Someone asked for her resume on the spot, after overhearing her describe her projects at NPR. Luckily, Micah had her resume on hand with her because later, she was offered a position. Micah, laughing from this memory, says, "Take your resume everywhere! You never know."

Small School, Global Mindset

One of Micah's favorite experiences was creating relationships with her professors at Drury. Micah says, "The learning extended beyond the classroom." She fondly remembers that her professors would engage in conversations or debates when she and her peers would hang around the Shewmaker Communication Center after class. Being able to interact with professors outside of the allotted class period is something Micah considers unique to Drury. "I know very few other people who have had that opportunity with their professors." 

At Drury, Micah learned to be a well-informed, global citizen. her experiences both inside and outside of the classroom helped her realize the importance of her own actions and the effect her actions may have on others. Inspired by this, Micah gives back to her community and to Drury however she can. Some organizations she has volunteered with are Fair Girls, which works to end human trafficking, and the Epilepsy Foundation.

"For Drury being such a small community, it doesn't feel like a small world. The only way I can describe it is that Drury makes everything approachable and really makes you think outside your tiny community."