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Alumni Spotlight: Leslie Jones '12

Some Drury graduates never truly leave. When Leslie Jones transferred to Drury University, she did not know that she would continue to be a valuable member of the Drury community after graduation.

Hometown Roots

Leslie, a Springfield, Missouri native, went to Truman State in Kirksville, Missouri upon graduating high school. However, she decided to come back to her hometown and enroll in Drury’s music therapy program. With smaller class sizes and a personalized education, Leslie thrived at Drury. She was involved in Mu Theta, Drury’s music therapy club, as well as countless musical ensembles. Of all the concerts she played in, she remembers a performance of Beethoven’s Fifth Symphony as her favorite. Leslie graduated in 2008 and went on to earn her master’s degree in 2012.

Leslie learned how to step out of her comfort zone and work with others at Drury. Many of her classes assigned group projects, which helped her become more confident in herself and her ideas. “Drury helped me learn about myself as a person as I continued in my studies.” Learning to work with a diverse group of people and knowing more about her strengths has helped Leslie in her career as a certified music therapist, business owner and Drury faculty member.

Starting Her Own Business

“Drury gave me the knowledge I needed to not only succeed in my career, but also take on a completely different path with owning a business.”

Leslie is the proud owner of Musical Bridges Music Therapy in Springfield, Missouri. She provides music therapy services to patients at the CH Chub O’Reilly Cancer Center at Mercy Hospital. She also provides both individual and group therapy for children through TheraCare Outpatient Services. Leslie has used her talents to create several early childhood development therapy classes, helping children reach developmental benchmarks.

Throughout her time as a certified music therapist, Leslie has worked in many settings with a variety of individuals. She has experience with developmental disabilities, nursing facilities, mental health, addiction recovery and much more.

Giving Back To Drury

While Leslie runs her own business and administers music therapy services, she also teaches part time at Drury. Moreover, she has provided therapy services for the Center for Music Therapy on Drury’s campus since 2008, where she also volunteers as a music therapy supervisor for students. Leslie is a role model to many students interested in becoming certified music therapists, music teachers or business owners. She helps her students reach their potentials by supporting and encouraging them. “I want to help each student that I come in contact with to be the best music therapist they can be.”

Her advice to college students is to “try your hardest, do your best, and make sure you are studying something you are passionate about.” With this mindset, Leslie believes that students cannot fail. She is an example of someone who has made a living pursuing her passion.