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Alumni Spotlight: James C. Fuller '11

James Fuller has committed his life to the telling of other people’s stories; it is time that someone told his. Based in Cheyenne, Wyoming, Fuller is a small business owner of a historical research and consulting company, Discovering History & Heritage, LLC. He has been married to the love of his life, Marilyn Fuller, for twenty-four years and has two children, Zackary and Alyssa. It is no surprise that in his free time, Fuller enjoys reading and collecting books about history, especially those involving the American West. James serves on the Board of Directors for the Wyoming Historic Governors’ Mansion, the Alliance for Historic Wyoming, and the Wyoming Historical Society.

His Story Started at Drury

Drury’s Department of History offers the opportunity to study a variety of historical periods and themes in history including film in history, military history, race, gender, and cultural studies. Fuller explored these various topics during his undergraduate experience. The professors he had at Drury rank among Fuller’s favorite teachers and mentors, specifically Dr. Leah Blakey. “Leah has been an instructor, mentor, and, most importantly, a friend over the last decade or more. Drury University was a major factor in my academic career. I am not sure where I might be without Drury.”

“CDC – Choices, Decisions, Consequences”

For Fuller, these words guide and influence the many decisions that life brings. ”If you apply CDC to each thing in your life, it is fairly certain you will be on the path to success. You control your destiny, and with these simple three words, it can be an amazing journey.”

A choice that Fuller made in 2007 was to attend Drury University. He decided to earn his Associates degree and eventually it became a Bachelor of Science in History. Consequently, after twenty-four years of serving our country with the Air Force, Fuller went back to school to earn his Master’s degree in American History and is now a sought-after history consultant.

In 2015, Fuller was chosen as the historical researcher for The Storm of the Century: Blizzard of ‘49, a PBS documentary that was nominated for a Rocky Mountain Emmy Award. His program has premiered across the United States. Currently, Fuller is wrapping up work on his own book, The Wyoming Blizzard of 1949: Surviving the Storm which will be released in July of 2018.

While at Drury, Fuller was taught to “continually strive to learn and achieve [his] goals.” His work in the field of history will enable future generations to learn and achieve their own goals.