Student Spotlight: Caytee Wright

From the beginning, Caytee Wright’s journey at Drury University has been defined by mentorship. Though it was her interest in joining the Panthers swim team that initially led her to discover Drury, it was an experience during her campus visit that made Drury her home.

“Whenever I was on campus I just fell in love with so many different aspects, like class sizes, and how beautiful campus is, and how you can build relationships with your professors,” she says.

Personalized Mentorship

During that visit, Caytee still vividly recalls sitting in on a class with a Drury swimmer. As she observed, she could sense the personal connection the professor had with each student.

Now, as a junior at Drury double-majoring in Biology and Management, Caytee experiences that life-changing mentorship for herself. And such opportunities exist beyond just the traditional academic advisor – advisee relationship, too.

“I can say for all of my classes that all of my professors know who I am,” Caytee says. “I’m not just another student ID number that gets this grade. They know who I am.

“And a lot of them care to learn what you want to do or, if you don’t know what you want to do, then to help you decide. One of my professors is from Estonia, and she has traveled all over Europe. She offered to help me plan my study-abroad trip this summer.”

What’s more, Caytee’s unique blend of passions and interests are united by a desire to help others and pass along what she has gained from her experience. She is already thinking about how she can be a mentor herself as she considers her career goals.

Caytee plans to work in health care so she can help others on a daily basis. But she also hopes to use both her management and biology knowledge by working in an administrative role within a hospital or dental office, where she can mentor others.

Passing It On

Why a dental office? Caytee thinks her career goals are rooted in her childhood. 

“Whenever I was younger, I absolutely loved going to the dentist,” she says.

Now, she sees herself working to make sure going to the dentist doesn’t mean pulling teeth for today’s children; she knows just how far a friendly face can go to turn a dreaded experience into a happy one.

“My dentist was always so friendly that I didn’t mind going,” she explains. “And I love kids and taking care of people, so I guess that is probably where that came from.”

Her desire to be there for others shows up in other areas, too, even extending to swimming. As a lifelong swimmer, she’s also coached younger swimmers, helping them learn to succeed in the pool like she does.

“Something that is big part of my experience at Drury is being an Orientation Leader,” Caytee says.

As an Orientation Leader, Caytee helps new Drury students make the adjustment to Drury life and establish a firm foundation for success.

“I’ve really been enjoying that because it ties into my major and learning to help others succeed too,” she says. “It’s kind of like managing them: making sure they are getting what they need done, but also getting something out of it.”