Drury Spotlight: Hailey Asher

Graduation Year: May 2018
Majors: Elementary Education
Hometown: Greenfield, MO

Hailey Asher is a senior Elementary Education major at Drury from Greenfield, Missouri. Asher is from a small high school in a small town. There are no large classrooms at Drury, so the small classes and easier access to professors appeal to her. The professors care about her education. 

Asher first thought about Drury when her mother was reminded how much she enjoyed the classes she took at Drury. She mentioned that her daughter should visit Drury since the other schools Asher had visited didn't interest her. Her campus visit felt good. "Drury was the only school I applied to," Asher says. 

Scholarships and financial aid make it possible for Asher to attend Drury. Therefore, she won't have as much to pay back after she graduates. She works 22 hours on campus during the week, so nights and weekends are available to complete homework.

"Saying you graduated from Drury opens doors when you are looking for a teaching job. Everyone knows someone from Drury," says Asher. 

She hopes to get her Master's in gifted education and later in counseling. "I would like to obtain further degrees from Drury. I am biased for a Drury education."