Drury Spotlight: Michael Wehrenberg '99

Major: Studio Art
Hometown: Marshfield, MO
Current Occupation: Owner of Wehrenberg Design Company

“From day one, stepping on campus, it was about being prepared for life,” recalls 1999 Drury graduate Michael Wehrenberg.

With so many degree options and a liberal arts curriculum, anything is possible, and you might be surprised where your passion leads you. 

Wehrenberg’s passion emerged while designing websites his junior year at Drury, and he never expected it to evolve into a business.

Today, Wehrenberg Design Company has clients and employees across the country, reaching enormous audiences daily. He works across disciplines and with diverse people to create relevant content in the digital world.    

The Power of Involvement and Networking 

Drury has over 100 clubs and organizations to get involved in. Michael explains that because Drury is a small school, it is easy to have leadership roles that create positive change. Leadership roles that, when pursued with enthusiasm, can provide lucrative results.

Being involved with a fraternity and Enactus (formerly SIFE) allowed Michael to experience unique opportunities that led to many important connections. Networking within these social settings has been an important thing for him over the years, which he attributes to his success. He advises everyone to “learn to network, learn to value relationships. You never where it will take you.”

Bringing It Home

Hoping to improve the vast alumni network Drury has, Michael now serves as the Alumni Board President. “Alumni have this vast network at their fingertips, and I want to make sure they’re using it as much as they can.”

He encourages past graduates to remain involved through campus events and social media. More than anything, he believes “Drury is a big family. Don’t neglect or discount it. It will treat you well.”