Drury Spotlight: Anne Marie Schudy

Graduation Year: May 2018
Major: Graphic Design
Minors: Web Communication and Design and Computer Science
Hometown: Springfield, MO

While internships at Drury are not required for all majors, senior Anne Marie Schudy finds value in gaining real-world experience in her field of study.  Within the past year, Schudy has completed two internships involving graphic design.  In the summer of 2016, she completed an internship in New York City with Marvel Entertainment. Then the following fall semester, she was at the Discovery Center in Springfield, MO.

Real-World Experience

Not only did Schudy have the opportunity to grow in her graphic design skills, but she was able to witness the daily operations of two very different organizations; one is a multimillion-dollar corporation and the other is a small, non-profit company.

“Any experience is good experience,” Schudy said.

One of her favorite memories from her internship experience was getting to learn inside secrets about upcoming projects for Marvel.  While she was not able to share details about future products, she valued the opportunity to feel included in the creative processes.

Working with the global creative services team and creative directors, Schudy found an interesting shift from classroom work.

“I think that so much in the classroom, we design for ourselves, where when you have an internship you start designing for the company and their audience,” she said.

The Drury Difference

Schudy attributes her drive to gain real-world experience to how Drury pushes students to find engaged learning opportunities outside of the classroom.

“When we have such a well rounded education in the liberal arts, we really understand the world… I think that’s what sets us apart from perhaps other students.”

In addition, she sees the “Drury Difference” as having professors that help with the momentum of growing as a student.

“What really sets it apart is the teachers because if you don’t ever get to talk to them one-on-one, you’re just not as involved in your education,” Schudy said.  “It’s so encouraged at Drury to have all these relationships and because it’s small, you can do that.”

Story and video by Michaela Remijio.