Drury Spotlight: Ann Njoki

Name: Ann Njoki
Major: Organization Psychology and Women & Gender Studies
Class: 2018 
Hometown: Nakuru, Kenya

Attending school 8,000 miles from home has been a great experience for Ann Njoki. She hails from the African country of Kenya.

“I never get homesick because I have a lot of friends and people who care about me. Drury is like a family to me,” she says. Each year, Drury welcomes international students from more than 50 countries around the world. 

Ann says there were times she would call Drury’s Admissions Office daily. They helped her feel connected to Drury from the very beginning.

“I applied to many schools in the United States, but there was something about Drury," she says. "I felt like that’s where I belong.” 

Expectations and Realities

While deciding on a school to attend, Ann wanted a place where she could grow and thrive.

“My mentality when I was coming to college was that no one was going to push me, but my professors have really high expectations of me and they really do care about me," Ann says. "They would drop everything to help me out. You can’t get that everywhere.”

Ann describes being shy in high school. However, after coming to Drury, she opened up and is fearless to asking questions and being proactive. “Drury has been transformative for me and I’m really grateful for that.”

Drury maintains a 10:1 student to faculty ratio, and 90 percent of classes have 25 or fewer students. This allows for more personal attention from professors.

Gaining Professional Experience

“As an international student there are certain limitations to what we can do, but Drury has provided me with every single opportunity to be successful,” Ann says.

She has several jobs on campus and is involved with many of Drury’s clubs and professional organizations. And says these opportunities have “given me professional experience I’ve never had before.”

Ann plans on staying in America for graduate school as she continues to explore organization psychology.

“It’s something new for me and I want to grow more as a person. After that, I want to go back home and teach people what I’ve learned here!”