Faculty Fellowships

Drury Action Research Fellow

Drury University is enhancing the culture of scholarship toward comprehensively examining and evolving teaching. This mission has many implications; one of the most exciting is an improvement in student learning outcomes and competencies. The Drury Action Research Fellow (ARF) program is focusing on increasing the use of evidence-based teaching practices to enhance the effectiveness of Drury all courses. This program is supported by the Office of Academic Affairs (OAA).

In the spring of 2019, the Drury ARF program will focus on an Exploratory Phase (Phase I), where participants will articulate their understandings and beliefs about teaching and learning, and reflect on the classes they teach. In the 2019-2020 academic year, the Drury ARF will go through Phase II, where participants will conduct Action Research with the class they teach; that is, asking and answering questions about practice and collecting evidence in their own classroom to inform practice.

This fellowship is designed to support Drury faculty to take the next step in educational innovation through reflecting and researching their own teaching. Fellows will be supported in three ways:

  1. Participation in an interdisciplinary community of faculty with similar goals to apply what research tells us about learning in the classroom
  2. Partnership with the Innovation and Teaching Center (ITC) with expertise in education research and classroom practice to support research design, data collection and analysis
  3. Financial support (stipend)

2020-2021 Action Research Fellows

  • Dr. Karen Spence, Professor and Associate Dean of Architecture
    • Project: Enhancing knowledge and critical thinking in a project-driven class
  • Dr. Sara Khorshidifard, Assistant Professor of Architecture
    • Teaching research skills in a design-centered learning environment

2019-2020 Action Research Fellows

  • Dr. Jennie Long, Professor of Criminology
    • Project: Creating holistic advising for students
  • Dr. Callie Gibson, Assistant Professor of Psychology
    • Project: Fostering students' metacognitive skills to bridge the gap between faculty and student expectations
  • Dr. Brant Hinrichs, Associate Professor of Physics
    • Project: Promoting active participation in student-led whole-class discussions
  • Dr. Chris Branton, Assistant Professor of Computer Science
    • Project: Bridging gender gap in computer science courses

Drury Faculty Advising Fellowship

The Faculty Advising Fellowship Program is for faculty advisors interested in exploring the promise of Your Drury Fusion with the support of the Cox Compass Center staff and the Office of Academic Affairs. Faculty Advising Fellows will engage in dialogue, leadership, and service throughout the academic year to:

  • help faculty advisors make the most of their advising relationships with students;
  • create an infrastructure for current and future faculty advisors to effectively advise students to meet academic, career, and personal goals;
  • understand how vocational reflection and exploration can provide a context for advising students;
  • explore how vocational reflection and exploration might be fostered among underserved students and those from historically underrepresented communities;
  • learn how faculty advisors can help students make meaning of and from their Core and Fusion experiences.

Faculty will be chosen from across all schools/disciplines and will receive financial support (via a stipend) for participating in this program. Expectations include participating in various programs and consultation visits on topics of vocation and faculty advising as well as creating/facilitating four spring faculty advising programs on vocation and Your Drury Fusion. Each Fellow will create a specific advising plan to take back to their academic program at the end of their fellowship which will reflect how advising can be reframed (or more keenly focused) in alignment with Your Drury Fusion and Cox Compass Center ideals of “purpose and passion” and vocational discernment to fully support students’ academic, personal and professional growth.

2019-2020 Faculty Advising Fellows

  • Dr. Ginney Norton, Faculty Fellow at-large
  • Dr. James Simmerman, Faculty Fellow Breech School of Business
  • Dr. Lori Slater, Faculty Fellow School of Education and Child Development
  • Dr. Karen Spence, Faculty Fellow Hammons School of Architecture
  • Dr. Rick Maxson, Faculty Fellow School of Communication, Fine and Performing Arts
  • Dr. Jennie Silva Brown, Faculty Fellow School of Humanities and Social Sciences
  • Dr. Megan Ealy, Faculty Fellow School of Natural and Mathematical Sciences