Faculty Awards

Each year, the faculty and administration of Drury University recognize faculty members for outstanding contributions to the university. The awards are announced in the fall and the recipients of the awards are recognized at the Opening Convocation in August. Faculty are nominated by students, alumni, administration, and faculty. The in five areas of recognition are: teaching, scholarship, leadership, liberal learning, and advising.

Recognition of unusual success in ensuring the quality of students' learning experience. The recipient will possess high scholarly standards for rigor and currency of course content and for the level of student performance.  Innovative and creative teaching will be important considerations, and scholarship in relation to teaching is considered. The recipient will be acknowledged by faculty colleagues and students as a truly outstanding teacher.

This award recognizes the outstanding scholar, considering the broad range of scholarly and creative contributions, and cognizant of the expanded categories of scholarship:  Discovery, Teaching, Integration, and Application. Such excellence may be evidenced by publication in nationally recognized and refereed journals or other professional outlets. 

This award recognizes a faculty member who has made a significant contribution in enhancing the quality of campus life for students or faculty.  The contribution may be in the form of curriculum development, faculty governance, or in providing leadership to enhance the quality of teaching, classroom experience, or campus life.

Liberal Learning
This award recognizes the outstanding faculty member who exemplifies Drury's commitment to the liberal arts, global studies, and integrating liberal learning with professional education. Dedication to liberal learning can be demonstrated through teaching, leadership and service, or scholarship.

Faculty Advising
This award recognizes a faculty member who exemplifies excellence in academic advising. The recipient of this honor is committed to working closely with students to develop comprehensive educational plans that promote the achievement of academic and professional goals.  In addition to acquiring knowledge of curriculum requirements and institutional policies, the outstanding advisor nurtures the whole person and empowers students to utilize campus resources that facilitate student success.  The outstanding faculty advisor is recognized by faculty colleagues and students as a caring individual who serves as a resource for students at all stages of their academic careers.  

Recent Recipients

For award information prior to 2014, please contact the Academic Affairs office.