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Writing Center FAQs

What should I expect from the Writing Center?

The tutors at the Writing Center will edit your paper for any matter of issues: grammar, organization, style, fluency, coherency, formatting, transitions, second language issues, or whatever else a student needs. We will also help students to organize their thoughts and give tips on how to get started on papers.

How long will I spend at the Writing Center?

This depends on the length of the paper. It could take the tutor anywhere from 20 minutes to an hour to edit. After that, students should also expect to spend at least five to fifteen minutes with their tutor going over the paper together.

What does the Writing Center expect from me?

Please double space your papers, and bring in any handouts or specific instructions related to your assignment, especially with regards to citing sources. If you can, it definitely helps to run a spell check and fix whatever minor errors on your own, so we can focus on issues of grammar, organization, etc.

How late can I come in?

Please plan to drop your papers off twenty minutes before closing. For evening sessions, that means 8:40 p.m. That way, tutors don't have to stay late.

How long of a paper can I turn in?

Tutors can edit the first ten pages of a paper during one session. If your paper is longer than that, you can come back after the tutor has finished the first ten and check tutor availability to do the rest, or come back at another time if the Writing Center is busy.

When is the Writing Center busy?

The Writing Center is usually not very busy, but we do become very busy at midterms and extremely busy at finals. Around these times students should come in as early as possible. Although students should always try to bring in a paper at least 3 or 4 days before the due date, this becomes vital during midterms and finals week.

How often can I visit the Writing Center?

A student can visit the same tutor twice a week. Any more than that and we feel we will influence your writing too much.

Where is the Writing Center located?

The Writing Center is located in Olin Library. Go up the staircase to the second floor and turn right towards the workrooms at the side. We are in Room 204.