Policies & Disclosures

Institutional Information

The Common Data Set (CDS) report presents useful information about Drury University for a given academic year. The CDS Initiative provides a common set of standards and definitions that make this data more easily comparable to other institutions of higher education.

Financial Assistance

It is the philosophy of Drury University to be responsive to student concerns. If students feel that they have been treated in an inappropriate or unfair manner, they should file a formal written complaint with the appropriate officer of the university.

Equity in Athletics Disclosure Act

Campus Security

The Drury Department of Safety & Security is dedicated to maintaining a safe living and learning environment for all students and members of the Drury community. The department maintains 24-hour patrols of campus, investigates on-campus offense reports, and works with local law enforcement and emergency response personnel when necessary to ensure a safe campus.

Drug and Alcohol Abuse, Prevention and Intervention Resources

Panthers for Prevention is a health and wellness organization that promotes and encourages healthy decisions among the Drury Community. These efforts fulfill Drury’s mission to “foster practical knowledge; and to liberate persons to participate responsibly in and contribute to a global community.

Policies Related to Alcohol Abuse

Drury University is a safe, education-oriented and community-minded campus that maintains an academic and social environment conducive to intellectual and personal development of students and promotes the safety and welfare of all members of the campus community. Drury University prohibits the abuse of alcohol by its students, employees and citizens. Drury University will cooperate with authorities in the enforcement of all applicable laws.

Policies Related to Drug Abuse

Drury prohibits the use, possession, distribution and manufacturing of illegal drugs and paraphernalia by its students, employees and citizens. The abuse of prescription drugs and drug-like substances will be treated the same as the use of illegal drugs.

Confidentiality of Student Records

In accordance with Public Law 83-380, Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act of 1974 (frequently referred to as the Buckley Amendment), the personally identifiable educational records of each student are open for inspection by the student except in limited cases where the privacy, confidentiality or professional privilege of another person is involved.

Privacy Policy