Summit Park Leadership Community 2017-2018

Dickerson Park Zoo


Team members: Lauren Pyle, Lauren Slamb, Alyse Phillips, Genevieve Travers

Faculty Advisor: Charlyn Ingwerson

Community Contacts: Chelsea Hoover

The Dickerson Park Zoo is Springfield's local zoo that runs completely on volunteers. What we are in the works of doing this fall is finding a way to bring some of the smaller animals to Drury's campus. Doing this will increase the awareness of both the animals and the zoo itself. Most importantly the Dickerson Park Zoo is in dire need of volunteers. Bringing the keepers will allow for people to ask questions face to face with the workers and see how much they truly love the animals. Throughout this semester we will also be volunteering our time at the zoo as well as promoting the volunteer opportunities that they have available all over our campus.

Harmony House



Team Members:  Samara Ribbens, Mariah Skelly, Christina Beard, Victoria Brainers, Taylor Perkins, Megan Merseal, Gabby Menendez 

Faculty Advisor: Janet Prewitt

Community Contact: Felicia Rose

We are working with Harmony House, a center for victims of domestic violence to go to escape their abusers. We are hosting "Adult's Night Outs" for them once a month. These include movie nights and spa nights. We also provide the childcare for the parents. Our main goal for our project is to help the residents take their mind off of their situation.

Watershed Committee


Team Members: Megan Paul, Chelsea Stitt, Courtney King, Riley Wilson

Faculty/Staff Advisor: Dr. Richard Schur

Community Contact: Jeff Birchler

We are assisting the Watershed Committee of the Ozarks with several things including eliminating invasive, harmful species and revitalizing the native habitats of this community. We will be instrumental in restoring the local plant life back to its original state through research as well as educating Greene County's youth about the importance of water quality and environmental awareness.

The Dream Center


Team Members: Taegan Sumners, Audrey Engelman, Paige Perry, Kenzie Drollinger, Lillian Hunter, Kelsey Krause, Autumn green, Elizabeth Menne

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Ioana Popescu

Community Contact: Jody Glanzer

 For our project we have chosen to work with the Dream Center in Springfield. Our focus is investing in the lives of the children there as a positive influence to help give them good role models, structure, and people to confide and trust in. We plan to be involved with the kids as much as possible and to eventually host a fun event for the children to attend. 

Boyd Elementary


Summit Team Members: Bethany Bierman, Haley Olsen, Lauren Plunkett, Lydia Sharp

Faculty Advisor: Andrea Battaglia

Community Contact: Andrea Battaglia

The mission of Boyd Elementary is to “develop internationally-minded learners who form real-world connections and inspire action toward peace.” Our goal while working with Boyd is to build relationships with children we work with to boost their self-confidence and make sure they have someone to turn to when they need it. We are planning to do this by working with the counselor and teachers once a week to establish a relationship with children and work through programs to build confidence and morale. We are looking forward to spending time with the children and teachers every week and making a difference in the community for our future leaders.

Champion Athletes of the Ozarks


Team Members: Seva Nix, Blake Jesse, Michael Boone, Jake Decker, Allanah Blanco, Erin Sublette, Tristen Rand

Faculty Advisor: Dr. Allin Sorenson

Community Contact: Susan Miles

Champion Athletes is an organization whose goal is to help people with disabilities build life, athletic, and social skills. The organization reaches this goal by offering various classes including reading, math, and sports. We plan to volunteer at many of these classes, specifically the running/walking class. This is because at the end of the year, we hope to hold a 5k fundraiser and have all the champion athletes come and show off all that they learned at the classes. We also plan to hold a few events of our own. The trip we plan to do this fall, is a trip to the pumpkin patch in hopes that every athlete can pick a pumpkin to paint. We hope the fundraiser, events, and volunteering at the classes will provide opportunities for the champion athlete members to not only improve their skills, but to also enjoy themselves and build friendships. We are thrilled to be working with Champion Athletes of the Ozarks and for all the opportunities, impacts, and friendships to come.



Team Members: Ciera DuBan, Anna Hink, Lyndsey Standage. Sydney Quaid

Faculty Advisor: Vickie Luttrell

Community Contact: Lindsey Dumas- Bell

We are working with Ozark Area Community Action Corporation (OACAC). OACAC is a nonprofit organization "working to alleviate the causes and conditions of poverty in the Ozarks." OACAC brings real-life simulations and career-oriented collaborations to elementary schools, universities, businesses, and other organizations to help people of all ages better understand the challenges those in poverty face and inspire children to dream big for their futures. Our main goal is to bring an awareness of poverty to Drury's campus. To do this, we plan to assist OACAC in events around the community and bring one of OACAC's poverty simulations to Drury. We want to connect Drury students to the Springfield community and inspire them to make a change.