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Submit Your Service Hours

Community engagement and service are integral to Drury’s mission and values so we encourage you to submit ALL service that you complete. Please use one of these forms to submit your service hours:

Submit Individual Service Hours 

*Individual forms are for individuals that are completing service independently from a group event. This form still allows individuals to list organizations that they are members of so that it may count towards that organization's community service hours (for Panther Service Cup, etc...), but the student/faculty/staff member will only be entering hours for themselves.

Submit Group Service Hours

*Group forms are for groups or classes completing a service project and one member of that group submits the hours for everyone that served (ex. An organization volunteers at the food pantry as a group and the community service chair submits everyone's hours.)

If you have any questions, contact the office of Community Outreach and Leadership Development at (417) 873-6803 or