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Drury Impact Project

Every year a social issue is identified and promoted through service projects and educational programs to raise awareness and make a difference.

The Drury Impact Project for the 2015-2016 year is Fostering Futures, benefiting Sammy's Window! This is part of an all-collegiate service project with OTC, Evangel, SBU, and MSU.

Sammy's Window is a branch of the Midwest Foster Care & Adoption Association. Their mission is to provide foster and adoptive families with clothing, food, hygiene items, furniture, school supplies, and baby equipment. When a potential foster parent gets the call that there is a child that has been matched with them, that parent must have all of the physical things that their new child needs. For a foster child that is a baby, this means the family needs a crib, stroller, car seat, etc. For a teen in foster care, this means clothes, a twin sized bed, hygiene products, etc. This is where Sammy's Window comes into play. Families may come to their store knowing that they will be given all that they need to provide that child with a comfortable, safe environment.



Sept 9, 11-1: Soak Up Springfield

Swing by Sammy’s Window's table at this showcase event

Sept 19: Emerging Leaders Retreat

As a part of this leadership retreat, participants will do a service project at Sammy’s Window and learn about their mission.

Oct 2-4: Family Weekend

Fresh Start Hygiene Items Drive (see below)

Oct 8-11: Alumni Weekend

Fresh Start Hygiene Items Drive (see below)

Oct 15-18: Alternative Fall Break to St. Louis, MO

As a trip participant, you will have the opportunity to complete service projects with a couple of organizations in the St. Louis area that have missions centered around foster care and adoptive families. Application deadline is October 2.

Oct 24: President’s Day of Service

One of the service projects on this annual day of service will be at Sammy’s Window.

Jan 30: Basketball Game

We are inviting families served by Sammy's Window to come to the O' for a basketball game and snack time. Co-sponsored with the Drury Ambassadors.

Many other events to be decided upon as the semester continues. Check back here for updates.


Fresh Start Hygiene Items Drive

The hygiene items drive that we are conducting will be in place throughout the year, but we will launch it formally during Family Weekend, which happens to fall on Foster Care Awareness Week! The items that Sammy's Window has requested that we collect due to their consistent need are:

  1. Body wash (all ages, all skin types)
  2. Shampoo & conditioner (all ages, all hair types)
  3. Baby shampoo
  4. Toothpaste (all ages)
  5. Deodorant
  6. Baby wipes

Collection bins will be placed all over campus, or you can bring the items directly to FSC 117, the Office of Community Outreach & Leadership Development.