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Student Spotlight: Roy Hardy

By Hannah Bunch on April 7, 2017

Roy Hardy is a senior majoring in Finance and Economics with a minor in Entrepreneurship. At Drury, Roy is involved as a Residence Life Community Assistant, is on the Breech Student Advisory Board, and is in the Lambda Chi Alpha Fraternity. Outside of Drury he is employed at City Utilities of Springfield as an Economic Analyst in the Pricing and Forecasting departments. He works at City Utilities 25-30 hours a week. He is also a regular member of North Point Church.

Roy is an active volunteer in the community serving over 100 hours dedicated to service. Roy states how all three organizations at Drury he is involved in, "have given me ample opportunity to volunteer." Roy has a passion to serve others and has the mindset of serving others to impact another person, with the intention of truly benefiting that individual and the community. Hardy states, “…what can I do to make an impact in an individual’s life? By helping those around us with a purpose no greater than to just help, it allows you to make an impact within the community.”

How does your involvement at Drury as well in the community help shape you as a person and a leader?

"Being involved at Drury has allowed to me build multiple different relationships with people in various walks of life. These meaningful interactions have crafted the ability to communicate well with others on a personal and professional manner. In my opinion this is a must-have skill when being a leader. Being able to communicate and relate to others who run a different life than you."

 What is the most rewarding experience you have had while attending Drury?

"Well considering I am graduating in just over a month from now I think my most rewarding experience is yet to come! However, over my time here at Drury I have had the opportunity to do a lot. The most rewarding; working in Aegina Greece on my study abroad trip helping the local high school boys and girls."

 Why do you feel it is important to lead and serve within our community?

"In the world we are living in today, many people live their lives with arrows pointing inward towards themselves. The common perspective is; What does this do for me? or how can I benefit from this? What most not realize is by turning those arrows to point outward, our perspective changes to; what can I do to make an impact in an individual’s life? By helping those around us with a purpose no greater than to just help, it allows you to make an impact within the community. You’ll be surprised how much of an impact it can have on you as well.  This is why it is important to lead and serve within your community. Not only does your community benefit, but you do as well."

What advice/encouragement can you give to Drury students to become more engaged in their community and Drury through service and leadership?

"Drury offers a plethora of ways to get engaged in whatever area interests you most. My advice is to only join 2/3 organizations in which you can dedicate your free time to. Participate fully in everything that the organization has to offer and you will see your community engagement and service grow. Being active in 2/3 organizations is much better than being passive in 5/6. Holding leadership positions in those active organizations is what will give you experiences to talk about when it comes time to convince an employer that you are better for the job than the person next to you."

From Community Outreach and Leadership Development, we want to thank Roy for his dedication and passion toward the Drury community as well as Springfield. We want to recognize Roy for his accomplishments, service to our community, and dedication to his involvements for the last four years. It is obvious he will do incredible things after he graduates from Drury. 

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