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Student Spotlight: Madi Tichenor

By Hannah Bunch on February 3, 2017

Madi Tichenor is a junior biology major at Drury. She is involved in Drury Volunteer Corp as their vice president, Panthers for Preventions, and Dr. Rowley’s human anatomy course as a lab assistant. Outside of Drury she volunteers once a week at Jordan Valley Community Health Center, spending time with the medically underserved population as well as shadowing physicians. In Madi’s free time she likes to shop, play video games, dog/house sits, and spend time with her family and three dogs.

For Madi, volunteering sparked her passion to serve the community. Madi states, “it is not only rewarding to me, but to others as well. This has shaped me into a better person that is others centered. I have also been given a new outlook on life. I am so much more appreciative of what and who I have. It can always be worse, so I am thankful.” Volunteering has also helped her to develop as a leader as well as to learn leadership skills, to work as a team, and to be more understanding to others. 


What is the most rewarding experience you have had while attending Drury?

“The most rewarding experience I’ve had at Drury was the alternative spring break trip to Detroit, MI. We had the wonderful opportunity to make mats out of tires. Tires are dumped everywhere in Detroit, so there is an abundance of them and the community can’t dispose of them. So Cass Community Social Services came up with a brilliant way to make use from these tires. They also make sandals, key chains, and decorative planters. You can read more about their journey on their website or help support their organization by purchasing their products here We helped make some of these mats and also enjoyed talking to the group of people who made them. Ryan Gipson and I worked with Isaac. Isaac’s story of how he went from being homeless to driving a Jag was very inspiring. He has also enrolled in college classes and is working towards becoming a social worker, so that he can lend a hand to people that are in similar situations that he has worked through. This experience was rewarding not only because we were helping the community by transforming these tires, but also because we were able to meet some amazing people and listen to their stories about overcoming some huge obstacles.”


Why do you feel it is important to lead and serve within our community?

 “Community service is about giving back to the ones who are in need and cannot do the task themselves. It is important that we give back for the blessings that we have received and bring the community closer by bringing a wide range of people together. Community service gives people a chance to have a hand in making a difference and creating special bonds with the population that is served. This also lets individuals have the wonderful opportunity to become an active and positive contributor to society.”


What advice/encouragement can you give to Drury students to become more engaged in their community and Drury through service and leadership?

 “Get involved! I promise you that it is worth your time. It is so beneficial to the community and yourself. If you aren’t sure how to get involved, you can contact the community outreach and leadership development office. They are more than willing to set you up with an organization or volunteer event. Students can also get involved with the Drury Volunteer Corps. We make it easy for students to get involved by having events within the community that are fun and rewarding.”


From Community Outreach, we thank you Madi for your dedication to Drury as well as your service in the Springfield community. Your leadership and service is greatly appreciated.

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