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Student Spotlight: Emily Hinkle

By Hannah Bunch on November 17, 2017

Emily Hinkle is a sophomore majoring in Biology and Chemistry. On Drury’s campus she is involved with the Pre-Health Professions Club, the Honors program, American Chemical Society, Drury Ambassadors, and Drury Health Service Corps.


Ourside of Drury, Emily volunteers with Jordan Valley Community Health Center in the Congolese refugee program, which helps refugees receive quality healthcare in the Springfield area. This program allows her to give back to the community while learning more about the field of healthcare. She also enjoys participating in distance running events.


How does your involvement at Drury as well in the community help shape you as a person and a leader?

“One reason I came to Drury was the community outreach opportunities for students. Community engagement is provided in the classroom, through campus organizations, and supporting business partnerships. My involvement within the community is ever present in daily life at Drury, and encourages me to be community minded in all aspects of living. I learn by doing and gain leadership skills every day as I work with others for the common good.”


What is the most rewarding experience you have had while attending Drury?

“For a community engagement project, I designed and implemented a long-term college and career readiness program for teenage members at the Boys and Girls Clubs of Springfield. The program provided members with tools to use while creating a plan for their futures. It was rewarding to see the students take ownership and responsibility as they learned about areas of interest and career choices.”


Why do you feel it is important to lead and serve within our community?

“Serving in our community allows us to gain a greater perspective of the issues faced by communities and those who live in them. Volunteering with organizations I am passionate about, such as Jordan Valley and the Boys and Girls Club, has allowed me to experience a side of life that I might not have otherwise. These organizations and those who work for them are choosing to better the community around them and being a part of that effort is a great feeling.”


What advice/encouragement can you give to Drury students to become more engaged in their community and Drury through service and leadership?

“Everyone can do something to be involved in the community and give back.

I think that everyone should experience the joy that comes from community service when we give of ourselves. Finding an organization that works to promote a cause that is close to your heart is a great way to learn more about the issues our community faces and how you can help make a difference. By taking a step outside of your comfort zone and joining others who have similar interests, you can meet new people and make connections that can last a lifetime.”


From Community Outreach and Leadership Development, we are lucky to have students like Emily on Drury’s campus. Thank you, Emily, for your dedication to Drury and to the Springfield Community. Your passion for our community is exceptionally apparent through all of your involvements. 

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