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Student Spotlight: Diana Day

By Hannah Bunch on October 6, 2017

Diana Day is getting her Masters in Business Administration. Diana is involved in Breech’s School of Business Graduate Student Advisory Council. Outside of Drury she is involved in Leadership Class 33, Chamber of Commerce Voice of Business, and The Network. She also is involved in Rosie, City of Springfield Personnel Committee, and Rountree Neighborhood Association. Diana also supports local charities such as Care to Learn, the Springfield Public Schools Foundation, and Springfield Little Theatre. 

She’s also active at the City Government level and watches most of the City Council meetings and works to stay engaged with the things her community is working on at a legislative level.  As soon as she graduates she fully plans to become an Advocate for Circles at the Northwest Project.  She thinks that it is one of the most important programs in Springfield right now.

How does your involvement at Drury as well in the community help shape you as a person and a leader?

"To be a strong leader, it is vital that you understand the community in which you live and work.  Being involved in my community has helped me make decisions about how to pay our employees, determine where our business should be located, find new customers, and even helped in recruiting talent.  The network and the connections that are made through community involvement have absolutely helped me get where I am today and helped us build a thriving company.  More personally, the more I get to see people who are not like myself the more well-rounded I become. It is important to leaders to get out of their own bubbles and interact with all different types of people.  A different perspective is sometimes the best thing you can get as a leader to help you make tough decisions.  I am not sure who I would be if I hadn’t gotten involved in Springfield early on in my career, as this community has shaped the direction of my life and the pattern of my thoughts."

What is the most rewarding experience you have had while attending Drury?

"My cohorts.  The connections that I have made at Drury have been the most rewarding and unexpected thing I have experienced while attending Drury.  I have made some great connections from the professors who can help me engage with other people in the community, to some amazing new life-long friends, and some great business networks." 

Why do you feel it is important to lead and serve within our community?

"My favorite quote is from Winston Churchill.  He said, “Hear this, young men and women everywhere, and proclaim it far and wide: The earth is yours and the fullness thereof. Be kind, but be fierce. You are needed now more than ever before. Take up the mantle of change. For this is your time.”  This quote always reminds me that we are creating the world that we want to see.  This quote is what keeps me going when I am discouraged, or tired, or stretched too thin.  This quote is why I feel it is important to lead and serve our community.  If I want to see a different world, I must be the difference." 

What advice/encouragement can you give to Drury students to become more engaged in their community and Drury through service and leadership?

"Just do it.  There is never a good time to volunteer.  There is always something else that you could be doing.  But you will never regret learning new things, meeting new people, solving big problems, and seeing things from different perspectives.  Time is the only non-renewable resource, which makes it the most valuable.  Give your time with an open mind and it will change your world."

Diana, thank you for your dedication to the Springfield and Drury community!

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