10 Tips for Successful Volunteers

  1. Establish a contact person
    Know the main contact or volunteer coordinator for the project, and know how to contact that person if you have questions or concerns.

  2. Learn about the organization
    Your role is to serve and learn. Find out what the organization does and who they serve. Understanding how your service impacts the bigger picture makes your work more effective and rewarding.

  3. Model strong work ethic
    Treat your service like a job. Arrive on time prepared to work with a good attitude. This will help you establish a good relationship with the community partner and their clients. If you are going to be late or can’t attend, call the volunteer coordinator as soon as possible.

  4. Follow organization policies & procedures
    Become familiar with the specifics of your service project. Adhere to all policies and follow procedures outlined for the project. Dress appropriately for the situation.

  5. Manage your personal safety
    Know your own capabilities and limits. Don’t participate in unsafe activities and express your concerns with the volunteer coordinator. Ask about any liabilities/risks of which you need to be aware and find out what kind of insurance they provide for volunteers.

  6. Respect confidentiality
    Speak with the volunteer coordinator about the confidentiality policy. Working with clients can be very rewarding, and it is important to respect the dignity of individuals and maintain confidentiality. Sharing client stories or taking photos of individuals without their consent is never appropriate.

  7. Represent Drury well
    How you act will reflect on the University and any student or professional groups you are with. We want community partners to value the service of the Drury community.

  8. Report
    Report any incident that makes you uncomfortable to the community partner and to Drury's Office of Community Outreach and Leadership Development.

  9. Track your impact
    Log your service hours on GivePulse to track the impacts you make while at Drury. You’ll be able to add the information for résumés, awards, and scholarships. Drury uses the information to see where our students are donating their time and talents.

  10. Reflection
    Reflecting allows you to make connections between your service experiences and your personal and professional goals. We become better citizens when we consider our community as we make decisions in our daily lives.