Community Outreach & Leadership Development

Leadership Drury Certificate Program

Leadership Drury develops a student’s understanding of the nature, potential and responsibility of leadership in its attempt to create positive change for the common good. The opportunity for a student to learn how to be effective in leadership roles and processes through engaged learning and co-curricular experiences is a premise of the Leadership Drury program.   Students who complete the Leadership Drury Certificate program will receive notation on their academic transcript and a certificate upon graduation recognizing them as a Distinguished Leader.  Completion of the Leadership Drury Certificate also fulfills both of the Engaged Learning CORE Curriculum graduation requirements.  Requirements for the certificate include notifying the program director, Courtney Swan, of your intent to participate in the program, downloading the most current version of the Leadership Drury Certificate Approval Form to track your progress, and involvement in various areas of leadership development and community engagement.  

Program Requirements
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Leadership Certificate Tracking Form
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