Community Outreach & Leadership Development

Leadership Drury Certificate Program

Leadership Drury develops a student’s understanding of the nature, potential and responsibility of leadership in its attempt to create positive change for the common good. The opportunity for a student to learn how to be effective in leadership roles and processes through engaged learning and co-curricular experiences is a premise of the Leadership Drury program. Students who complete the Leadership Drury Certificate program will receive notation on their academic transcript and a certificate upon graduation recognizing them as a Distinguished Leader.  Completion of the Leadership Drury Certificate also fulfills both of the Engaged Learning CORE Curriculum graduation requirements.  Requirements for the certificate include notifying the program director of your intent to participate in the program, downloading the most current version of the Leadership Drury Certificate Approval Form to track your progress, and involvement in the following areas of leadership development: 

For spring of 2016, please see Hannah Minchow-Proffitt with questions or to get your approval form signed. Contact information:, (417) 873-7617, FSC 117

Program of Study

Core Credit Courses (4 hours total)

Students must complete each of the four, core courses within the Leadership Drury series.  PDEV courses do not incur course overload fees. Instructors represent a cross-section of campus life and community leaders.

PDEV 281: Leadership and the Individual
PDEV 282: Leadership and Team Dynamics
PDEV 283: Leadership and the Community
PDEV 284: Leadership and the World

Elective Course (1 hour)

The Elective Course requirement may be met by one of the following courses:

Leadership Experiences (two)
The Leadership Experience requirement may be met by participating in two of the following programs:

  • Emerging Leaders Retreat
  • Senior Leadership Retreat
  • Heifer Global Village
  • Freshman LEAP: Leadership Enrichment Adventure Program
  • Leaders Who Lunch (must attend two)
  • President’s Roundtable (must attend two)
  • Conferences specific to a student’s academic discipline
  • Other leadership development activities with the program director’s approval

Experiential Learning Requirement (three)
The Experiential Learning requirement may be met by participating in three of the following experiences:

  1. Volunteerism/Community Service Experience
    • Choose one of the following to fulfill this requirement:
      • 100 hours of recorded service
      • Summit Park Leadership Community resident
      • Independent Service-Learning Project (minimum of 30 hours)
      • Alternative Break Trip
  2. Study Abroad Experience
    • Short-term or Long-term
  3. Career Exploration Experience
    • Career Internship
  4. Undergraduate Research Experience
    • Undergraduate Research Project
  5. Leadership Engagement Experience
    • Choose one of the following to fulfill this experience
      • Student Organization elected officer
      • Resident Assistant
      • First Year Council member
      • Orientation Leader
      • Drury Ambassadors Student Alumni Association

Completion of the Leadership Drury Certificate Program is noted on your academic transcript, counts towards the Passport Program, and fulfills both Engaged Learning graduation requirements in the CORE Curriculum.

Contact Hannah Minchow-Proffitt, (417) 873-7617, FSC 117 for more details.

Leadership Certificate Tracking Form
Track your progress through the program