Community Outreach & Leadership Development

Find a Community Partner

Community engagement and service are integral to Drury’s mission and values. As per Drury’s vision statement, “Drury will be a premier university where the finest teacher/scholars and professional staff educate students to become engaged, ethical and compassionate citizens for servant leadership in communities characterized by change, complexity and global interdependence.” 

When planning a service project it is important to remember what you get out of the experience directly relates to the work you put into planning the experience.  Consider following these steps to help you plan a service project that benefits you and the community.

  1. Consider the following questions:  Why are you wanting or needing to perform this service?  Is there a particular social issue that interests you?  Do you have a particular skill you can offer?

  2. Here is a list of current volunteer opportunities submitted to our office by local nonprofits

  3. Research nonprofit directories to find a nonprofit that best matches your interests.  To view a list of nonprofit agencies that regularly handle volunteers visit the United Way’s website 2-1-1 Help.  An additional resource to use for searching nonprofits is the Springfield Greene County Library’s directory of nonprofits, The Directory.  This resource allows you to search by subject or keywords.

  4. Contact the volunteer coordinator or a similar representative from the nonprofit to discuss volunteer opportunities that match your interests and talents.  Talk about expectations and create a relationship that will allow for continual communication.

  5. Take time to understand the mission and services of the nonprofit you will be working with.

  6. Consider time commitments.  Do not agree to a commitment that you cannot follow through with.

  7. Before beginning your service work at your selected nonprofit, make sure the nonprofit has submitted the necessary forms for accepting a Drury volunteer.  These forms can be found here  The nonprofit you will be working with should have an updated Community Partnership Form filed in our office.  For questions regarding whether or not the nonprofit you desire working with has submitted these forms, contact our office at 873-6803.

  8. Complete Drury’s Release of Liability Form prior to volunteering and submit to Community Outreach and Leadership Development in FSC 117.

  9. Track your service hours using our online form  If you submit your hours, our office will track this information so you may use it for resume purposes, awards, and scholarships.  We also use this information to report service hours completed by the Drury community to outside agencies.

  10. Remain in contact with the appropriate representative from the nonprofit you are working with to discuss how things are going.  This experience is a reciprocal relationship where both parties should be benefitting. 

  11. Here are additional tips on getting the most out of your volunteer experience.

  12. Set up a one-on-one consultation with the Office of Community Outreach and Leadership Development if you are seeking further advice or assistance.  417-873-6803 or