Theatre Course Descriptions

100 Level Courses
THTR 135: Introduction to Theatre. 3 hours.

A survey of all aspects of the theatre and theatrical production including a study of representative artifacts of theatre history, a variety of dramatic styles and the work of the individual theatre artists involved in the process as well as the role of the audience in theatre.

THTR 140: Acting I. 3 hours.

An introductory course to acting designed for majors and all students who wish to explore acting methodology. The course includes character development and expression. Practical exercises in both scripted and improvisational work will be stressed.

THTR 177: Modern Dance. 2 hours.

Introduction to modern dance technique, styles and skills with an emphasis on body mechanics and creative movement. The course offers an exploration of spatial design and movement dynamics. Designed for students with little or no dance experience.

200 Level Courses
THTR 200: Theatre Practicum. 1 hour.

A practical course in theatrical production offering training in each of the production areas including scenic construction and painting, lighting, properties and costuming.

THTR 240: Voice and Speech for the Theatre. 2 hours.

Study and practice of techniques for effective use of the speaking voice on the stage. Includes rudimentary principles for learning to speak dialects.

THTR 255: Stage Makeup. 2 hours.

Designed to acquaint students with the theory and basic techniques of makeup for the stage. Assignments include practicing techniques and creating and carrying out makeup designs.

THTR 265: Stagecraft. 3 hours.

Students who register for this course also must take Theatre Practicum.
Designed to acquaint the student with the fundamentals of scenic construction and mechanics of stage lighting, the course will include studies in drafting, technical planning, basic shop tools and techniques, construction of scenery and stage electrical equipment and practices.

THTR 267: Play Analysis. 3 hours.

Students will read, attend and analyze plays in terms of both structure and points of view relative to various theatrical disciplines. This core class provides a foundation to better understand the translation from page to performance by examining the relationships of playwrights, directors, designers, actors and audience in the context of producing a play.

THTR 270: Stage Management. 3 hours.

This course is designed to introduce the student to the art and practice of stage management. The student will study the basic functions of the stage manager in the theatrical production phase.

THTR 271: Ballet I. 2 hours.

Basic ballet technique in the recognized classical form. Includes barre exercises, port de bras and center floor work.

THTR 272: Ballet II. 2 hours.

Prerequisite: THTR 271.
Continued study of ballet technique in the recognized classical form. Gradually increasing the complexity of barre exercises, port de bras and center floor work.

THTR 276: Tap I. 2 hours.

Beginning tap steps, terminology and rhythms. 

THTR 277: Tap II. 2 hours.

Prerequisite:  THTR 276 or permission of instructor. 
Intermediate tap steps, terminology and rhythms.

THTR 282: Acting II. 3 hours.

Prerequisite:  THTR 140. 
Designed to continue the actor training begun in Acting I, this course includes more advanced training in the skills of analysis and characterization. These skills will be developed through scene work in monologues and in scenes with other actors.s.

THTR 288: Jazz Dance. 2 hours.

Introduces movement, rhythms and technique of dance interpreted to various forms of jazz music.

THTR 290, 390, 490: Selected Topics. 1-3 hours.

Selected Topics are courses of an experimental nature that provide students a wide variety of study opportunities and experiences. Selected Topics offer both the department and the students the opportunity to explore areas of special interest in a structured classroom setting. Selected Topics courses (course numbers 290, 390, 490) will have variable titles and vary in credit from 1-3 semester hours. Selected Topic courses may not be taken as a Directed Study offering.

THTR 291, 391, 491: Research. Variable hours.

Many academic departments offer special research or investigative projects beyond the regular catalog offering. Significant responsibility lies with the student to work independently to develop a proposal for study that must be approved by a faculty mentor and the appropriate department chair. The faculty member will provide counsel through the study and will evaluate the student’s performance. Sophomores, juniors and seniors are eligible. Students must register for research (291, 292, 391, 392, 491 or 492) to receive credit and are required to fill out a Permission to Register for Special Coursework form. It is recommended that students complete not more than 12 hours of research to apply toward the baccalaureate degree.

300 Level Courses
THTR 303: Acting Workshop. 3 hours.

Prerequisite:  THTR 140.  
A selection of advanced topics for acting students interested in exploring more specialized aspects of the profession. Sample topics include Acting in Shakespeare, Acting for the Camera, Auditioning, Singing for the Actor. This course may be repeated when content varies.

THTR 320: Play Direction. 3 hours.

Prerequisite:  THTR 140THTR 265. 
An introduction to direction theory and practice, including the function of the director, the production concept, textual analysis and techniques of directing. Students will direct a one-act play.

THTR 331: Scene Study. 3 hours.

Prerequisite:  THTR 140.  
This course is an advanced, text?based acting seminar and is designed to further develop the actor’s inner resources and further develop the skills of analysis, characterization and partnering. Coursework will be almost exclusively from scripted scenes and will include some monologue work. Fundamental skills will continue to be stressed.

THTR 340: History of Theatre: Origins to Renaissance. 3 hours.

A study of the origins and development of western theatre from ancient civilizations through the Renaissance. Emphasis is placed on the development of dramatic forms through the reading of plays, the evolution of theatre architecture and production in the western theatre. This course has been approved as an Honors qualified course.

THTR 341: History of Theatre: Renaissance to Romanticism. 3 hours.

A study of western theatre development from the seventeenth century to mid?nineteenth century. Emphasis is placed on literature, architecture and production styles of these historical periods. This course has been approved as an Honors qualified course.

THTR 343: History of Theatre: Realism to Contemporary. 3 hours.

A study of the development of western theatre from 1870 to the present. Emphasis is placed on the literature, architecture and development of production styles in modern theatre. This course has been approved as an Honors qualified course.

THTR 349: History and Development of American Musical Theatre. 3 hours.

A study of the development of musical theatre in America from its roots in minstrels, burlesques and eighteenth and nineteenth century European forms through its variations of the twentieth century.

THTR 354: Writing for Stage and Screen. 3 hours.

Students study play and film structure, character creation and the art of writing dialogue. Course responsibilities include the writing of two short plays and/or films.

THTR 361: Costume Design. 3 hours.

Designed to acquaint the student with the art and practice of designing costumes for the theatre, the study will include design concepts, fabric selection, script analysis, color theory and design conceptualization and costume rendering. Assignments include theoretical costume designs from selected plays.

THTR 365: Scene Design. 3 hours.

Prerequisite: THTR 265
Designed to acquaint the student with the art and practice of designing scenery for the theatre, the study includes design concepts, script analysis, color theory, design conceptualization, solving mechanical challenges of the script and theatre architecture scenic painting, perspective drawing, rendering and modeling. Assignments include theoretical scenic designs from selected plays.

THTR 366: Stage Lighting. 4 hours.

Prerequisite:  THTR 265. 
Designed to acquaint the student with the art and practice of lighting design for the theatre, the course will include lighting equipment and control, script analysis, design methodologies, additive and subtractive color theory, lighting for dance, musicals and alternate theatre architectures. Assignments include theoretical lighting designs.

THTR 367: Sound Design. 3 hours.

This course is designed to acquaint the student with the art and practice of sound design for the theatre. The course will include a study of sound equipment and control, script analysis, design methodologies, basic acoustics and the processing and completion of sound effects. The course will include both in?class discussions and demonstrations as well as practical exercises in the computer lab. Assignments will include theoretical as well as practical sound designs.

THTR 379, 380: Dance Workshop. 2 hours.

Prerequisite:  Permission of the instructor.  
An advanced course with emphasis on dance performance and experience.

THTR 397, 497: Internship. Variable hours.

Interns must have at least 60 credit hours, completed appropriate coursework and have a minimum GPA of 2.5 prior to registering for academic credit. Also, approval must be obtained from the student's faculty sponsor and required forms must be completed by the deadline. Note: *Architecture, Music Therapy and Education majors do not register internships through Career Planning & Development. These students need to speak with his/her advisor regarding credit requirements and options.

400 Level Courses
THTR 420: Advanced Play Direction. 3 hours.

An advanced course in theory and practice, including detailed work in script analysis and development of a production concept, directing a variety of styles, and staging in non-proscenium venues. The course culminates in the production of a short one?act play.

THTR 454: Advanced Playwriting. 3 hours.

Prerequisite:  THTR 354.
Students will write a full length play or screenplay.

THTR 468: Advanced Projects in Production and Design. 3 hours.

Prerequisite:  Permission of the instructor. 
An advanced course for students in design and production. The course explores design and production challenges on a more intricate level. Extensive practical experience will be included in the course.

THTR 481: Acting III. 3 hours.

Prerequisite:  THTR 282. 
An advanced course in acting designed to increase the student’s skills in character development and work within dramatic scenes. Coursework will include scene and monologue work in a variety of theatre genres and performance styles.

THTR 493: Senior Capstone Project. 3 hours.

Senior theatre majors must complete a capstone project.