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Theatre Grants

Financial assistance in the form of theatre grants is available to talented incoming theatre students. Grants for incoming students range from $2,100 to $3,500 with the possibility of yearly increases.

All recipients are required to work in technical aspects of theatre production (lighting, building scenery, properties, or costumes) as well as audition for departmental productions. The selection of students who receive grants is based on performance ability and/or ability and experience in technical aspects of theatre production. Applicants need not have selected theatre as a major or minor but should have applied for admission before auditioning for a grant.

All candidates should be prepared to do ONE of the following:

Present two audition selections of contrasting type. The minimum time for the total presentation is 2 minutes; the maximum time is 4 minutes. One of the selections may be musical. (A piano and CD player are available. You must provide your own accompanist.)


Candidates whose interests have been primarily in technical theatre should be prepared to present a portfolio of their work. All candidates are required to submit a letter of recommendation from their high school theatre instructor, current ACT (or SAT) score, high school GPA, and a recent photograph.

Following the presentation each candidate will have a brief informal interview with the theatre department faculty.

Theatre grant auditions for the 2016-2015 academic year will be held in November and February. Please check back in the fall for specific registration dates. 

Grant Presentation Registration Form