Shakespeare in the Schools

Shakespeare in the Schools"Let me be that I am and seek not to alter me."
- William Shakespeare, Much Ado About Nothing

Shakespeare in the Schools is Drury University’s classical touring performance troupe. This program’s mission is to provide Drury theatre students with the opportunity to explore Shakespeare’s greatest plays and to present these edited masterpieces to the regional high schools. Each performance will be followed by an energized talk-back session between the actors and students to discuss various aspects of the production including the process of rehearsal, the challenges presented by Elizabethan language and verse, Elizabethan culture, Shakespeare’s life and times, and the characters and themes of the play itself.

It is our hope that the bawdy, passionate, conflicted, consummately human characters represented in these plays will provide for our young audiences a riveting theatrical experience and kindle in them an abiding appreciation for arguably the finest English-speaking playwright the world has ever known. This year’s offering is the delightful comedy Much Ado About Nothing, running at approximately 55 minutes.

The troupe is available for performance during the school year at times arranged by mutual convenience. If you wish to bring Shakespeare in the Schools to your institution, please contact Robert Westenberg at or call (417) 873-6342. Let us bring Shakespeare’s world to life for your students!