Dance Minor

The Department of Theatre offers a minor in dance. The curriculum of the dance program is designed to provide for all Drury students a focused, sequential introduction to the various aspects of dance while creating a vigorous, kinetic outlet for artistic expression. This minor will include the historical context of dance and the development of choreographic skills and will result in a final performance presentation.

Dance is also emerging as a critical supportive element in several disciplines outside of conventional performance. Because dance offers the connection to mind-body exercise and creative expression, it is becoming recognized as a viable tool in education and therapy, addressing both somatic and emotional/psychological disabilities. With the increase in focus on integrative approaches to healing, dance has emerged as a strong component in preventive, maintenance and rehabilitative health care.

All prerequisites must be completed prior to enrollmentin the following courses:

THTR 177: Modern Dance
THTR 271: Ballet I
THTR 284: Dance Composition
THTR 286: History of Dance
THTR 379: Dance Workshop

Choose one course from the following:
THTR 272: Ballet II
THTR 276: Tap I
THTR 277: Tap II
THTR 278: Modern Dance II
THTR 288: Jazz Dance

Choose at least three hours from the following:
MUSC 108: Percussion Class
MUSC 117: Music Theory I
MUSC 121: Ear Training and Sight Singing I
EXSP 303: Kinesiology
THTR 361: Costume Design
THTR 366: Stage Lighting
THTR 367: Sound Design

All courses must be completed with a minimum grade of C-.