Which IT department do you need?

Know who to call when you have a technical issue

The IT needs of Drury are services by three main departments: Technology Services, Administrative Computing, and Web Services.

Technology Services

Oversees the deployment, maintenance, and support of all Drury-owned computers. Maintains Drury's network infrastructure as well as domain organization and services (such as email, network storage, and network printers). Provides support for AV equipment, the telephone system, and other technologies on campus.

Administrative Computing

Administers and maintains the IBM iSeries, Drury's centralized system for all student and personnel files. Configures clients to effectively access records and process data. Establishes automated processes to aid in workflow and create efficiencies within various procedures.

Web Communications

Administers and maintains the official Drury website. Develops and maintains both the style and system on which the website is based. Provides content management options and support for departments and offices on campus to maintain current information.

Other players in the IT scene include:

Academic Computing

Faculty-based committee charged with maintaining academic interests within Drury's technology. Handles the funding and selection of faculty computer replacements.

Library Services

Maintains and offers various electronic information resources for the Drury community.

Carbon Copy

Provides numerous print options for electronic documents and projects. Also sells a number of computer networking devices and software packages.