Two Factor Authentication

Drury University uses a security measure called two-factor authentication to ensure extra security. Drury accounts contain sensitive information which could be compromised if hackers were able to figure out a users password, which is why Drury uses two factor authentication to allow for an added layer of protection. For more information, read below.

  1. To request two factor authentication, send an email to or navigate to to make a ticket so that two factor authentication can be turned on for your account.

  2. Once you receive an email notification that two factor authentication has been turned on, navigate to your Drury email account. The screen should reflect the image below.

  3. Select "Set it up now", and the screen below will appear. Enter in your preferred method of contact, and then type in your phone number. You can change this setting later after initial setup has been completed.

  4. After selecting "Contact me", the following screen will appear. Follow the prompts over the phone or on the screen.

  5. You will receive a phone call or text message (depending on which option selected) and then the following screen will appear.

After this, setup is complete.