User Personal Phone Book / Speed Dial

First you have to set up your PIN # and then add the numbers you want to set as speed dial numbers. Then you will go to the phone and access your personal directory. Weâ??ll begin with the webpage portion first:

  1. Go to the Cisco Unified CM User webpage

  2. Sign in using your username & password that you use to log into your computer (leave the @drury off)

  3. On the left side of the screen there is a drop down menu labeled User Options

    1. Click on User Settings
    2. Enter the Current Pin (this will be 135790, unless you have already changed it)
    3. Enter & Re-Enter your new Pin (can be whatever you want, 4 digits)

  4. Go to User Options
    1. Click on Fast Dials
    2. Click Add New
    3. Enter the Phone number you want associated with Fast Dial #1 (Each time you add new, the fast dial number will advance to #2, #2, etc.)
    4. Save

Next, you will need to access your Personal Directory from your phone.

  1. Press the directory button

  2. Select Personal Directory

  3. Enter your User ID: this is your computer login (ex: jsmith)

  4. Enter the PIN you created in the web page

  5. You should have options such as Personal Address Book and Personal Fast/Speed Dials
    1. Select the Fast/Speed dial option
    2. You should see the speed dial numbers you set up in the website here
    3. Select the number you want to dial (keep in mind outgoing calls are not possible, until we cut over on June 5th).

Please contact us know if you having problems access your user website.

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