How to Share A Calendar or Event in 365

This page is meant to show how users can share events or calendars with co-workers, fellow students, or peers on Office 365. Sharing events allows for the other user(s) to see when the event is occurring, automatically adds the event to their calendar, and receive updates on any changes to the event. Sharing calendars can be useful when you have more than one event occurring that fits under one category. For example, a user could create a "work" calendar and share their schedule with fellow co-workers. Read below for a guide on how to share calendars.

1. Log in to Drury webmail, and click on the square of black boxes in the upper left hand corner, pictured below. Then select "calendar".

2. Once you are redirected to your calendar, you have two options. First we will look at how to share an event, then how to share an entire calendar. 

Event Sharing

2a. Select "New" (far left next to "search calendar") in the ribbon above your calendar, pictured above.

2ab. The screen below will appear after "new" has been selected. For this example, we will assume you are creating a new event to share. However, a pre-existing event can be shared by clicking on the event within the calendar. After adding the details of the event, you can click on "add people" under "People" on the right hand side of the event module. Scheduling assistant can help find a time everyone can attend, and each person you add will receive an invitation to either accept or decline the invitation. 

2ac. Click "Save" and then your event has been shared!


Calendar Sharing

2b. To share a calendar, select "Share" in the ribbon pictured below. 

2bb. After this, the following screen will appear. You have the option to select which calendar you would like to share, and with whom. When you are finished, select "share" and then "done".

That is how you can share a calendar or event in Microsoft Office 365.