How to Block and Allow Senders in Quarantine Microsoft 365

This page is meant to show how users can be removed and added to Microsoft 365's "Safe List". If users are not recognized, or are blocked within your email, their correspondences will automatically go to a spam or quarantine filter. Below are the necessary steps to add and remove users to the Microsoft Safe List.

1. Log in to your "webmail" account. Click on the gear icon, pictured, to access your settings.


2. Once your settings are pulled up, click on the "mail" link, located underneath the section "Your app settings"

3. After you have selected "mail", expand the mail section and click on "accounts". Then select "block or allow".

4. Within the "block or allow" selection, you will be able to see which senders are blocked or marked as safe. Carefully review which email addresses have been blocked and which have been allowed, and feel free to adjust accordingly.