Technical Support

Meet the Staff

The Department of Technology Services maintains the network, servers, labs, and all faculty and staff PCs on campus. The office is open Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm and the help desk is available 24/7 at (417) 873-7300.


Gary Swadley

Gary Swadley, Director of Technology Services

As director of the Technology Services department, Gary works with the administrative and academic departments on campus to help determine technology needs and finds technological solutions. He works with the eleven members of the Technology Services staff to provide technology infrastructure and support for students, faculty, and staff.




Mike Porter

Michael Porter, Director of Networking and Client Support

Michael Porter is responsible for maintaining the network infrastructure of Drury University. His responsibilities include Cisco firewalls, switches, wireless units, internet, and various other networking components.





Kim RobertsKim Roberts , Operations Coordinator

As the Operations Coordinator, Kim focuses on improving processes within Technology Services. Along with other projects, manages licenses and contracts, and purchases equipment for the campus community. 





Rick Wallen

Rick Wallen, Branch Campus Technology Support Manager

Rick oversees the planning, installation, and maintenance of all Windows based personal computers on Drury's satellite campuses. This includes branch campus faculty, staff, and lab machines.







JJenny Himesenny Himes, PC Support Technician Level 3

As part of the PC support team, Jenny's primary responsibilities include set up and configuration of new equipment as well as technical support for faculty, staff and student computers on the Drury campus.






 Jeff HoenerJeff Hoener, Technology Support Specialist

Jeff is the Technology Support Specialist for the Hammon's School of Architecture. He supports and maintains the computers, software, and peripherals in the building. He also runs the I/O, which contains large format printing, large format scanning, a laser cutter, and a render farm.




 Karen GarnettKaren Garnett, Computer Support Specialist

Karen is the Computer Support Specialist for the Breech School of Business. She maintains the computers, software applications, and various hardware peripherals, as well as assists students, faculty and staff computer users with hardware and software concerns.





 Albert Rauch

Albert Rauch, Help Desk Coordinator

Albert Rauch coordinates the Technology Services help desk including phone support, walk-up support, and the Technology Services web site. He is the primary contact for the Drury telephone and voicemail systems.




Dan Watson

Dan Watson, Systems Administrator

Dan Watson is responsible for installing, maintaining and upgrading servers and campus email systems. He is also responsible for ensuring the servers are backed up, and that the server data is secure from unauthorized access.





John House

John House, Printer Support Specialist

John House is responsible for installing, maintaining and upgrading printers and printer services at Drury.