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Hope Russell
Director of Greek Life and Student Activities
Office: (417) 873-6854

SUB Application

The Student Union Board is a fast-paced, student-centered organization that is always offering something new and exciting for the Drury students. We plan and implement fun events for everyone to enjoy for FREE or at a reduced cost. Our funding comes from activity fees allocated to SUB, which are included with each student’s tuition. We are dedicated to ensuring that these programs are creative, diverse, and high quality.

SUB's Organization

President: Responsible for leading meetings, overseeing all SUB activities and decisions, and acting as the face of SUB by being the primary liason for other student roups and campus departments.

Business Manager: Responsible for the budget, providing spending reports each month, and approving spending requests. They also reserve spaces for meetings or events, email updates to members, and track the meeting minutes.

Communications: Responsible for the “look” of SUB and how the public perceives SUB. This includes working with University Communications, maintaining social media and representing SUB at events.

Membership Development: Responsible for creating all training/retreat events, recruiting new members, updating manuals, and maintaining the accountability program. They are also responsible for scheduling street cleaning three times each year.

Special Events: Responsible for planning campus evens, planning and executing Homecomings, Planning and executing Orientation events, and if desired, planning Fall Fest/ Spring Fling. They should also create or support event-based brands.

Student Experience: Responsible for creating, implementing and supporting the After Dark program and brand, planning events for each week, coordinating events with other student groups, and coordinating special “Free” nights.

Production: Maintaining a crew to lead set up and tear down of sound and lighting equipment, managing these resources, and keeping the resource room organized. They also track the need for equipment updates.

Meeting Times & Event Dates

Board meetings take place every Monday at 8:15 p.m.

Follow @SUBatDrury on Twitter for meeting times and event dates.

SUB Application
Email Address:
Do You Intend to Study Abroad:Yes  No
If Yes, When?:
Are you available for meetings every Monday at 8:15 PM:Yes  No
Are you willing to complete one office hour each week: Yes  No

Please answer the following questions:

1. Will you be able to attend meetings, events and complete one office hour each week? If no, please explain possible schedule conflicts:

2. Why would you like to be a member of SUB?

3. Briefly describe any activities you are currently a part of, or have been in the past (high school or college) and how these activities gave you the experience needed to be a productive and exception SUB member?
4. What is your greatest strength? How will SUB benefit from your strengths?
5. What is your greatest weakness? How will SUB help you improve these weaknesses?

You will be contacted the following week about an interview.

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