Santa Reparata International School of Art

Our Mission:

The mission of SRISA is to provide students with opportunities for artistic, academic, and personal growth in an environment that will develop their understanding of what it means to be a part of a dynamic artistic and academic community with the influence of an international setting.

The school's goal is to encourage purposeful inquiry, fruitful dialog, and creative experimentation as essential tools for students in the 21st century. SRISA seeks to foster this goal through accessible, rigorous, and meaningful learning experiences that emphasize:

The discipline and the passion vital to participation in the arts The skills and techniques essential to mature artistic expression The value of excellence in academic and artistic endeavor The contributions of Italian art and culture, and their impact on the artistic traditions of the western world A "liberal arts" education, which provides broad exposure to a variety of places, ideas, and perspectives The development of the judgment, social skills, and maturity necessary to live in a community that differs, sometimes greatly, from the community of one’s origin.

SRISA believes that a balanced curriculum of studio art courses and academic courses provides the most comprehensive experience for students who have chosen Florence as their place of study. Course offerings in liberal arts and culture complement the studio disciplines to provide students with an intellectual framework and historical context for their creative work. Within each discipline, course activities present a combination of traditional approaches and new technologies for the pursuit of artistic ideas. SRISA is committed to providing a well-trained professional faculty and excellent facilities to give students highly personalized instruction that conforms to the expectations and requirements of an American university curriculum.

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Please Note: Drury students receive a 10% tuition reduction from SRISA. To participate in a SRISA Study Abroad program, students would have to take a leave of absence from Drury and scholarships and financial aid from Drury would not apply.