New American Colleges & Universities Exchange Programs

Student Exchange Program Overview

New American Colleges and Universities (NAC & U) offers both domestic and study abroad programs. Drury's affiliation with NAC & U allows students of all majors and minors to engage in studies offered by campuses nationwide.

International Study Abroad Exchange Programs

Additional Programs are semester or term and year-long study abroad opportunities available through our Study Abroad institutions. Additional Programs may or may not have components such as internships, field study, guided travel, and/or service learning, and have not reserved places for our Study Abroad students. The costs of these programs vary, as does availability. You can find out about these opportunities by clicking the "additional programs" link for the institution in the column to your left in which you are interested.

Domestic Student Exchange Programs

Domestic student exchange programs allow students to experience another U.S. institution for a semester or a year. Information about participating universities and their programs is available through NAC&U.