Greece: Blockchain and Excel

Summer 2019

Dr. Tiffany Cossey
Dr. Shannon McMurtrey

This study abroad experience will feature two courses that will serve students in our emerging tech-savvy environment.  This trip will also feature visits to local businesses to see how these technologies are employed and how they are expected to impact them in the future. 

Introduction to Blockchain

You’ve heard about it, now learn about the technology that makes it possible!  This class will provide a gentle introduction and help you understand the nuts and bolts of crypto-currencies such as bitcoin, ethereum, and others; but will go beyond that to help you appreciate the blockchain and some of the exciting new possibilities that it introduces.  Accounting systems that can’t be hacked, smart contracts that execute automatically, a way for donors to ensure that their funds go toward their intended use, and not corrupt politicians, are just a few of the topics that we will look at.

Introductory Business Excel Applications

Build on your existing Excel skills to become proficient in this essential software.  Top Excel skills are prized in most professions and this class will help you gain an edge in your career.  You will learn useful skills that even many professionals don’t know!  Take this class and become the office Excel ninja!

Travel Itinerary

We will fly into Athens and remain there for almost a week, using it as “home base” while we visit historic sites in the city such as the Acropolis and the Temple of Zeus and as we travel to more distant cities such as Delphi and Cape Sounion. We will then take the ferry to the island of Aegina and remain there for the next two weeks, visiting historical sites and businesses and completing the majority of the course study and lecture.

Visits will include:

  • The Acropolis at Athens
  • The Acropolis Museum
  • Colona Ruins
  • Delphi Ruins
  • Hadrian’s Arch
  • Kerameikos of Athens
  • The Parthenon
  • Temple at Aphaia
  • Temple of Neptune
  • Temple of Zeus

Courses Offered

CISQ 290:  Introduction to Blockchain

ACCT 290: Introductory Business Excel Applications

Dates of Travel: May 24 - June 13, 2019

Total Approximate Cost: $6,999

Program Fee*: $4,348
Tuition for 6 credit hours:
approx. $1,651
Personal Expenses**:
approx. $1,000

*Program fee includes lodging for 20 nights, airfare to and from Missouri (either Kansas City or Saint Louis depending on ticket prices at the time of booking) and Athens, Greece, some meals, transportation/entrance fees in and around Greece, health insurance, administrative fees, and faculty expenses.

**Personal expenses Personal costs include transportation to and from departure airport (Springfield, KC or St Louis depending on ticket costs at time of travel), passport, most meals, personal items, and souvenirs. The Drury Aigina apartments are fully equipped with cooking equipment. Students can save on food and tipping costs during this leg of the journey by taking advantage of this equipment.

Deposit Deadlines to Cover Program Fees:
First non-refundable deposit/non-transferable:
$500 due May 1, 2018
Second non-refundable/non-transferable Payment:
$500 due September 1, 2018
Third non-refundable/non-transferable Payment:
$500 due November 1, 2018

Remaining balance: due by March 1, 2019

*Tuition costs are separate and arrangements for these will be made between the university and student.

**Personal costs are also not included in the deposits above and should be saved for separately by students.

For more information, please contact:
Dr. Tiffany Cossey
(417) 873-7383
Breech 205

Dr. Shannon McMurtrey
(417) 873-7242
Breech 100