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Year-long or Spring Semester Program

The University of Granada is located in southern Spain. Established in 1526 by Emperor Charles V, the university has grown in social and cultural importance to become one of the major intellectual centers in southern Spain. Through our direct student exchange agreement with the University of Granada, Drury students experience the culture of an ancient city that reverberates with the history of its Roman, Islamic and Christian past. With around 250,000 inhabitants, Granada offers the amenities of a modern-day city; yet everywhere there is the reminder of its glorious past as the capital of the Old Nasrid Kingdom under the Muslims and as the last Islamic stronghold in Spain to be conquered by Ferdinand II and Isabella I in 1492. The city provides a perfect environment for studying the humanities and the arts and enjoys an extraordinary geographic situation: a one-hour drive from either the seacoast or from the skiing region of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, the southernmost European mountain range.

Classes are taught in Spanish and students must have the requisite language skills to participate in this program. An option for pre-program language study at the Centro de Lenguas Modernas in Granada is available. A 3.0 GPA is required. Duration of this program is for an academic year or the spring semester and is limited to two to four students per year.

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Academic Requirements & Application Process

Students who would like to experience a community of people from all parts of the world will certainly enjoy their stay in Granada. The University of Granada currently offers a wealth of degree areas, so students will likely find courses that will satisfy their academic needs.

The minimum GPA requirement is 3.0 on a 4.0 scale, and proficiency in the Spanish language. Because all courses are taught in Spanish, fluency is an absolute must! Grades earned at the University of Granada do apply to the students' Drury University GPA. The application deadline is October 15 of the academic year prior to participation in program. Students are selected on a first come-first serve basis for those that qualify. All students participating in this study abroad program are required to attend four orientation sessions the semester before travel. Students traditionally do a semester abroad during their junior year.

Student Life

No hurry, just take a deep breath, everything will be slower. The Spanish culture loves siestas, and fiestas. You will definitely like the cultural festivals, rhythm of flamenco, small outdoor cafes, and great food.

Granada offers many sporting opportunities. Both mountains and the sea are close to the city. You can ski in the winter or get a tan on the seashore in the summer. Here you will live the magic of flamenco, and even see authentic bullfights.

About Granada

Granada freely combines exceptional geographical features. Beautiful mountains form a magic background to the city while the shores of the Mediterranean Sea are in captivating contrast to the majestic peaks.

Granada has a diverse history. This is the city of the last Arabic stronghold in Spain was kept. By the way, it was defeated in the same year America was discovered. These historical milestones and the ancient presence of many nations are still alive in the architecture and the atmosphere of the city; you can breathe it in the streets and even touch it at the Alhambra – a massive castle that dominates the panorama of the city. Thanks to this "Arabic attempt to create heaven on earth," Granada is the most visited place in Spain.


Drury University Semester Tuition:   financial aid applies; same tuition you currently pay during any given academic year based on your aid package
Room & Board:   variable depending upon accommodation choice; paid to host institution or private provider
Administrative Fee:   $315
Technology Fee   same as you pay during any given academic year based on your aid package
Visa:   $100, plus cost of travel to Spanish Consulate in Chicago, IL
Passport:   $140
Passport Photos:   $24
Health Insurance   $240-300
Round-trip Airfare:   $900 - $1,2003
Approximate Personal Expenses:   $3,500

All Drury scholarships and financial aid are available to the student, except most activity grants, the residential scholarship, and work-study. A non-refundable $400 deposit that is applied to your program costs is required the year before participation to guarantee your place in the program. Application deadline: October 15 of the academic year prior to participation in program. All participants will be expected to attend mandatory orientation sessions the semester before travel.

Once approved, students must pay a $400 non-refundable deposit to confirm their intention to participate in this program.

For more information, please contact:

Tom Russo
Associate Dean for International Programs
PAC 208
(417) 873-7413

Elizabeth Nichols
Chair, Department of Languages & Professor of Spanish
Pearsons 319
(417) 873-6925

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